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Clit Massage

This type of massage is also called Yoni massage, which means “Holy Temple”, which is why the corresponding attitude. In our case, we are talking about the vagina, and therefore we can say with confidence that clitoral massage is a massage of the vagina. Erotic massage of the vagina is done in order to fill the woman with vital energy, delivering her incredible pleasure and enjoyment. That is why this massage must be done very gently and sensitively.

To prepare for a massage, a woman should relax as much as possible, free her thoughts in order to experience maximum relaxation and pleasure. This will help taking a hot foam bath or shower. The atmosphere is not less important here, it should be relaxed, comfortable. Therefore, our interior is perfect for you.

Does the girl have a choice?

There are a large number of options, the most famous is the massage technique using oil, which is common in Tibet. Abhyanga is also very popular, it is a unique Indian technique.

The Japanese also boast of their techniques. There are several options for massage, whether sitting or lying down, it all depends on how convenient the girl will be. It is possible to conduct a yoni massage in conjunction with elements of a body massage, the borders are very wide in this type of massage.

But the main thing for us is to give pleasure in the most sophisticated way.

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