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Thai massage

To experience a real Thai massage, there is no need to fly on a trip to Thailand. Although Thai massage is not so common in Kiev, but as they say, "He who seeks will find." Charming and most importantly professional hands of our masters will take care of your body. From practice, a miniature masseuse can easily lift a client and shake him with enthusiasm, so much so that all the vertebrae fall into place.

 How Thai massage is performed at Sultan Vip Salon.

The methods of Thai massage have differences from other massage, it can be equated to yoga. Using, like standard gentle touches and rubbing, and twisting, pressing, and of course with a particle of body massage - sliding the body.

You will have a huge selection of Thai massage in Sultan ViP Salin, there are several basic varieties, this is a classic for us all and not much less common erotic.

In itself, this type of oriental massage is very unique, the master uses his whole body from the wrist to the feet. The masseuse knows the wishes of the client and gradually, slowly, brings him to the enchanting finale.

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