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One of the types of erotic massage for the stronger sex is prostate massage.

The main question that arises when a person hears about this type of massage is the question why? Why does a man enjoy anal stimulation, namely prostate massage? This is due to the fact that from such a massage a man gets a sensation that can be compared with a sensation in women when they are given an erotic massage of the so-called G-spot, the result of which is a very bright and unique orgasm.

A predominant number of people know that prostate massage is a unique remedy against a common problem that occurs in men during their second youth (mainly by the age of 40) of prostatitis, a disease that is accompanied by impotence.

Before starting the stimulation, the masters of Sultan ViP Salon are sure to relax the client to the maximum, namely they are doing a classic back and leg massage, but at the request of the client the girl can also make an unforgettable body massage, after which she smoothly and gently moves to the man’s crotch and starts very gently and gently massage the prostate.

Based on the feedback from our salon clients, they like the excitement, and ultimately the orgasm that a man receives from an erotic prostate massage, because literally, “The entire body ends, and with this massage the crotch, starting from the penis and ending with the back part of the body. This orgasm is much richer, brighter and stronger, and you will remember this experience for a long time.

This service in Sultan ViP Salon in one hour will cost you 2500 hryvnias, it includes not only prostate massage, but also classic relaxing massage, as well as erotic massage.

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