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Another of the benefits of Sultan ViP Salon is the possibility of erotic massage in your home.

Naturally, most members of the stronger sex feel a desire to find not just relaxation, but to make it as interesting and brighter as possible, and if for men gatherings in bars with friends no longer bring proper relaxation or are simply not interesting, then we have a great solution, this Erotic massage at home.

In Sultan ViP Salon you can choose for yourself a variety of erotic massage programs, but there are times when you, due to lack of time, or for some other reason, do not want to come to the salon, but I really want to experience complete pleasure and relaxation , there is an ideal way out, this is a massage at your place, you do not need to leave your comfortable home, but just dial +380990702355, and our masters will come to you.

The main advantage of erotic massage in your home is that after a hard day's work, when you are tired and have no vitality to spend time in traffic jams on the way to the salon, you do not need to go anywhere, but you should contact Sultan ViP Salon and our professional girl masseuse will come to you.

The girl will perform all the services that are included in your chosen massage program. An erotic massage in your home will be the perfect end to a hard day's work, which will leave you with an indelible feeling of euphoria and pleasure. Many thousands of years ago, our ancestors used erotic massage as a way to maintain youth and male health.

Why choose Sultan ViP Salon?

If you contact us, you can be sure that we have:

All masters are professional;

Very beautiful, and most with knowledge of foreign languages;

Huge selection of programs for every taste and budget;

With us you can not worry about privacy;

All visitors to Sultan ViP Salon after a session with our beautiful masters have a desire to return to us again and again.

You can order the massage at home service in Sultan ViP Salon, the cost of which is 1800 hryvnias for one hour, 3000 hryvnias for two hours, as well as 6000 hryvnias for 6 hours, a girl is paid a taxi separately.

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