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What is a foot fetish massage?

The slender legs of the fairer sex have long been driving crazy big-breasted men, if you can’t resist when you see slender, elegant legs, then we offer you to learn one of the directions of erotic massage - foot fetish.

It would seem how it is possible to get sexual arousal from ordinary legs, we can confidently assure you, it is possible, most importantly, that the master ideally possessed this technique.

The main subtleties of a foot fetish.

Our clients independently choose the master who will conduct the massage session. Many clients want this to be done rudely, so that it humiliates them. With such desires of the client, the following points should be observed: The girl’s rough relationship with the client, with the foot fetish, the main element is the legs, so they may not be washed before the session. The visitor chooses his own image, he can be naked, chained, or be masked.

Fingers and pedicures are possible. During tough performance, walking on the genitals is possible, and this is just a small fraction of what it is possible to do when playing a foot fetish. There are no defined boundaries during this. Arriving at Sultan ViP Salon you have the opportunity to offer your own version of this type of massage, in another case, the girl herself will provide you with a choice and method of holding a foot fetish that will undoubtedly bring you to ecstasy and excitement.

It should be noted that this type of erotic massage is suitable only for men who truly, sincerely adore female legs, otherwise during the massage, you can not only not experience any pleasure, but also be unpleasant. In this regard, before you go on this massage, think carefully.

In Sultan ViP Salon, a foot fetish massage is available as an additional program; by selecting any of the programs, you can order a foot fetish massage for 600 hryvnias.

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