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Erotic massage for the fair sex - women

In modern realities, in the stressful rhythm of life, the burning out of femininity, as the main characteristic of the fair sex, often hinders the full sexual disclosure of female sexual energy, obtaining complete relaxation of the body and inner world before sexual intercourse. For centuries, all the subtleties and techniques of erotic massage for our beloved women have been passed down by masters from various exotic countries from generation to generation. Based on the latest archaeological finds, the study of the ancient scrolls of Egypt and Greece more and more reveal to us the basic secrets of female sexuality and energy. In the modern world, masters of ancient art “erotic massage for women” use tantric massage techniques as their basis.

Erotic massage differs from the usual massage in that all the movements of the master are much more gentle and affectionate, and very often the masters of this beautiful sacrament use additional objects, the so-called “toys”, which perfectly complement erotic massage. You do not need to be a professional massage master, or have a good understanding of sexology, so that the sexual partner turns his attention to the body language of his beloved woman, to her erogenous points: genitals, chest, ears, fingers and toes, neck, and everything body as a whole.

You can do anything if it brings pleasure, the main thing at the same time is that the partners respect each other's desires. From a part, professionals recommend conducting an erotic massage session in a pleasant atmosphere with relaxing music, using beautiful aromas of aphrodisiacs. During the massage, it is necessary to use various touches, starting with gentle stroking of the head, earlobes and gently lower to the partner's feet, while not ceasing to slightly stimulate the woman's chest area. Then, from light touches, you need to move on to more individual actions, the main thing is to follow the woman’s reaction, read her body language, which will show you whether your partner likes this kind of touch or is it worth changing something. The main thing in the era technique is to cause complete relaxation, physical discharge of the partner’s muscles, and gradually proceed to relaxation, and then confidently proceed to stimulate the erogenous zones, which in turn will lead to sexual arousal.

 In the modern world there is already nothing shameful in terms of using the services of a specialized master and salon, which offer you to experience the incredible pleasure of massage for women. There are many techniques for joint massage, the so-called massage in "4 hands" and much more. Your desires are limited only by your consciousness, therefore, to leave the framework of everyday life, there is Sultan ViP Salon, in which our masters will help you learn and feel a more refined type of pleasure, an erotic massage for women.

To experience all the delights of erotic massage for women, the fair sex can choose any of our programs with a surcharge of 600 hryvnia.

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