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Dominated massage

Even in ancient times, massage was a kind of mystery. With the help of which it is possible to do incredible things. But ordinary massage has long ceased to bring that bouquet of sensations that it used to be, so we suggest that you experience something new, namely erotic massage. This type of pleasure will not leave indifferent the most sophisticated man. Sultan ViP Salon offers exceptionally unique services so that our customers can experience maximum pleasure.

The Mistress program will simply make you forget about gray everyday life and help you tear yourself away from reality in order to maximize the storm of emotions. The Mistress program is a set of actions. In our salon there are no prohibitions, all points and parts of the body are involved in the massage. Why give up what brings unforgettable pleasure. During this massage, you will be superior to the girl, feel the power over her, thereby increasing your self-esteem, this will help you to fully open up.

During this massage, you don’t need to think that our beautiful master will do everything herself, you need to prove yourself. Not everyone will be able to decide on this during normal procedures. But at Sultan ViP Salon, you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself. You will receive a classic complex massage, not a lot of flirting, of course, role-playing games, light, and maybe not very light pats, in general it all depends on your imagination.

When you contact our salon, you need to clearly understand that we do not provide intimacy. We specialize in providing pleasure without sexual contact. No need to hide your sexual energy, when it can bring you incredible pleasure and pleasure. Our wonderful masters will bring to life what you could only dream about, is not that what your body and mind want? We will know your innermost dreams and realize them.

The Mistress program in Sultan ViP Salon 2000 hryvnia.

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