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Erotic massage for couples

Often, every couple who are just beginning to start a close relationship, sexual relationships are very rich and glow with diversity. But there comes a moment when the fuse that was gradually begins to fade, and there comes a much calm, even, routine feeling, sexual life ceases to delight partners with colors and richness.

Undoubtedly, each couple realizes that the euphoria that partners feel at the beginning of the relationship will fade and become brighter in the future, but more couples dream that the sexual life does not lose its color over time, and remains as unpredictable and saturated.

If you realize that your relationship has become monotonous, if your feelings have ceased to seethe, you undoubtedly need to experience erotic massage for couples in person. After that, as if you will re-experience the emotions that were inherent in you at the initial stage of the relationship, erotic massage will open for you a world of bliss and pleasure.

After the erotic massage for couples that you will experience with us at Sultan ViP Salon, you will immediately see and feel for yourself how much your intimate life has changed, it will again shine with bright colors and will give you an already forgotten storm of emotions.

It is time to tell you how the mystery of a pair erotic massage takes place.

First, both partners choose the master based on their preferences. Erotic massage always begins with the guest taking, in our case, a couple, a relaxing bath or shower, and if the couple has a desire, then they can join the masters of their choice. Then, when the couple is overwhelmed with emotions, it is time to move to a comfortable apartment.

Erotic pair massage in Suiltan ViP Salon is carried out in a very intimate, calm, and most importantly comfortable atmosphere. Unobtrusive, slightly noticeable illumination, incense, gentle erotic music, at the request of guests, you can add champagne and fruits - and this we are not talking about frames from oriental films, but about the beginning of erotic massage.

The very mystery of erotic massage can occur, either individually for each partner, or simultaneously. Often partners choose the last option, because in this case, partners can contemplate the pleasure that each of the couple receives at that moment.

 A pair massage program begins with a gentle, relaxing - classic massage. Then the fun begins, the gentle fingers of our masters begin to study your bodies centimeter by centimeter, thereby opening up new erogenous zones that you had not previously known about. At the end of an amazing journey through the world of erotic massage, you can safely go to a warm bath or shower.

Pair erotic massage at Sultan ViP Salon is a unique opportunity to feel and experience unforgettable emotions, the impression of which will remain with you for a long time. Undoubtedly, erotic massage will be a unique and unique surprise for your second half, we are confident that your partner will not be indifferent to receiving such a gift.

You and your partner can choose any of our programs, they can be the same or different for two, with a surcharge of 600 hryvnias per girl, and truly enjoy an erotic massage for couples and thereby add variety to your sex life .

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