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Erotic body massage

Ancient Asia can rightfully be considered the birthplace of erotic body massage, the first school of erotic massage appeared here. In ancient times, delights in pleasures were very expensive, and only persons of royal blood could afford them. In modern times, the body massage technique is very common and very popular, as it has become very affordable.

If for some reason you have not experienced this magic on yourself, then you do not have a clue about the magical and mysterious world of erotic pleasure.

The unique technique of erotic body massage has an indelible and pleasant effect on the whole body. Body massage itself is intended for the whole disclosure of previously unknown erogenous zones, the awakening of sexual energy.

In turn, an erotic body is designed for:

relieve tension and stress;

rejuvenation of the whole organism, both physically and mentally;

restores the nervous system;

Delivers incredible bliss and maximum pleasure.

What is the secret of erotic body massage?

The ancient techniques of the masters include gentle touches, during which the master uses not only his hands, but also his entire beautiful, bare body. The session consists of two parts and of course the prelude. At the beginning you take a relaxing shower, after which you will comfortably settle in a bed and get ready for the knowledge of the world of eroticism. Before starting, our beautiful girl will envelop your body with oil. The time has come to begin the sacrament, the first part is of course a classic massage, during which you will get rid of tension and completely relax. After this follows a smooth transition to erotic body massage. Our gorgeous masseuse girl will apply fragrant oil to her entire body with gentle movements to achieve maximum glide, so that nothing would interfere with the body massage. Erotic body massage is accompanied by calm music, which is complemented by various incense.

Gentle touches of the young body, combined with the unique mastery of the silky hands of the master, will excite you and your feelings as much as possible, which will undoubtedly lead you into a blissful state of pleasure and euphoria.

Arriving at Sultan ViP Salon, you will know what an erotic, without exaggeration, heavenly pleasure. The main thing is that erotic body massage favorably affects the body and human health, both physical and psychological, and of course body massage:

Relieve you from stress;

instantly improves blood circulation;

Fully activates metabolic processes in the body.

Erotic body massage enter such our programs “Elite program”, “VIP program”, “Honey program”.

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