Salon of erotic massage «Sultan»

It`s few rules that you have to follow in Sultan salon:

- Providing sexual services by the staff members of Honey Massage Salon is absolutely excluded.

- Do not try to pay for the services that is out of the program in salon or outside. Also do not ask girls to exchange phone number, even for the trying girl will be fired.

- We do not work with the client if they are under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs.

- Do not try to use penetrating caresses in the masseuse’s bikini area. Rude behavior towards our masseuses also leads to termination of the session.

- We guarantee complete privacy to our visitors. At our Caramel Salon, there are no devices capable of recording video or sounds. Such devices are also not allowed to be brought to the session. The same goes for condoms, sex accessories and drugs.

In case of failure to follow these simple rules, the money paid for the services is not returned.

Yours respectfully, administration


Kiev, Ukraine
We are located in the center of Kiev.
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