Tantric Massage

At the moment when we hear about tantric massage, both man and woman have little understanding of what it really is. In our modern realities, this particular massage has the ability to express the most sincere feelings and love between two people. The main thing is that there is no principle in what part of the body will be involved in massaging, the main thing is that each of the lovers should feel the love and sincerity of their feelings.

Not everyone knows how to do this, so there are a couple of useful rules that you should adhere to when performing a tantric, erotic, relaxing massage for a man. One of the main stages is to choose the right place for the massage. For this it is possible to use as an option - the floor, you just need to lay a soft and pleasant blanket on it, light scented candles, the main thing is to choose the right scent. Then it is necessary to help the man relax, so that he feels the pleasant touches of gentle female hands. A woman should very gently caress her partner, giving him maximum pleasure. In order for the tantric massage to deliver maximum maximum pleasure, a woman must first do yoga, it is she who will help to do relaxing massage correctly, this is the technique that girls in Sultan ViP Salon possess. There is also advice from masters of tantric massage that during this gentle process a woman would close her eyes and enjoy the whole mystery of tantric erotic massage with a man.

Often, inexperienced women make a mistake during a massage for a man, taking the wrong position, it is in such cases that there is tension between the partners, this article on the Sultan ViP Salon blog is intended to avoid such mistakes. Therefore, below are some useful tips that will help you find a common language between a man and a woman during a wonderful sacrament - Tantric massage.

In order for your experience in erotic tantric massage to be successful, you must follow these basic tips:

Previously, you need to choose the right comfortable position; when you touch the body, you must definitely try to remove all the faces and merge into one. The main thing that involves tantric massage is affection and softness, from the gentle and gentle touches of the girl, the man should be completely relaxed and ready to receive maximum relaxation. It is very important to slowly, slowly, approach the sacrum, it is there that the man’s most erogenous and sexual point is located. With the help of gentle touches and massaging, the fair sex with fingertips needs to be awakened, to help go out all the hidden sexual energy of the body. This technique of tantric massage is described in many blogs, and there are a lot of useful tips on how a woman should act, but each woman chooses a method acceptable to her. So that a man can fully feel the maximum excitement, a woman needs to choose the right position before sitting on a partner, this is the place between the man's feet.

It is necessary to massage each leg, stroking, caressing, relaxing a strong body.

The whole mystery of tantric massage should have a smooth ending, perhaps it will be a gentle touch with your fingertips. It is during the tantric massage that a man feels his partner, and only after the feeling of complete merging of the two partners together, they bring pleasant sensations to the man and woman.

When it comes to erotic tantric massage, most men and women cannot describe what it is. And in our realities, it is tantric massage that is fully capable of expressing the most sincere manifestation of the gentle relationship between a man and a woman. The most remarkable thing is that it doesn’t matter with which part of the body the partners will massage each other, the main thing is that both partners would feel the most sincere and pure feelings.

Tantric massage is a special type of massage in which our internal energy and chakras are involved.

The very essence of tantric massage is to get complete relaxation to the sensation of losing the boundaries of the physical body, to receive the highest pleasure in which experiencing an orgasm is not the ultimate goal.

Partners should have a sense of trance, where there are no boundaries of time and space, and there is a sense of freedom and peace.

Tantra is a path to enlightenment, something similar to Yoga and Zen.

Tantric erotic massage includes massage of the genitals, for a woman this massage is called “Yoni” for a man, “Lingam”.

 The first mention of tantric massage we can meet in the teachings of the well-known Shiva, who lived more than 4 thousand years ago. He became famous for his methods of meditation, which he developed more than 100 types, with the help of these methods he tried to learn superconsciousness. Some of them say that sex is also a conductor to peace of mind, and knowledge.

 In another way, we can say that Shiva did not focus only on spiritual peace and consciousness, he did not exclude sec and love in general, as tools to achieve Nirvana. In antiquity, there were more masters of tantric massage, and each of them perceived this teaching in its own way. Throughout its history, tantra has not become on a par with religions. The tantric direction is divided into two main branches of tantra, this is meditation on sex and death. All other currents have already arisen from these main branches.

It's time to talk about these trends

In ancient India, Shiva’s teachings say: love and sex, yes, it’s more about how a woman perceives the relationship between two people. But in turn, there is another opinion, also from India: love - no, sex - yes. This let in comparison with the previous inclined more for the man. We see how thin the line is between bodily pleasures and spiritual enlightenment. After many millennia, these incomprehensible but useful tips have come to us, and are successfully applied in modern practice, which is described in our blog.

To conduct a tantric massage session if you are a man or a woman you need to know useful tips:

1. The main thing is not to rush, tantric massage requires peace of mind, you do not need to think that tantric massage is similar to what you can get by not coming in half an hour to the salon and having a massage with a regular massage therapist, you need to learn this, and the girls in Sultan ViP Salon have this technique.

2. Getting an orgasm is not the main goal of tantric massage. No need to put pressure on the partner and try to cause him an erection or orgasm, this can happen, but is not the ultimate goal.

3. It is necessary to carefully approach the preparation of the place (room) in which you want to know all the wonders of tnatric erotic massage. The feeling of security is very important, so choose the best time when you will not worry that you can be disturbed and make sure that the door is well closed.

4. The main thing is to understand that this is not about erotic (genital) massage in general, before proceeding to massage “Yoni” or “Lingam”, you need to massage your hips, stomach, fingers, feet, chest and nipples. You need to put your partner on your stomach and stretch your arms along the body. Then you need to gently move to your shoulders, then to your neck, and go down the partner’s back to your hips.

5. Do not forget about breathing. The main thing that it was smooth and deep is the most important for getting maximum relaxation.

6.Now let's talk about the features of massage for a man and a woman.

 Massage "Lingam". Your partner needs to lie on his back. If you wish, you can put a pillow under your hips or head. Then ask your partner to spread their legs, not bending them much at the knees. So you will have easy access to the intimate organs of a partner.

7. For better tactile contact, it is necessary to add oil, it is desirable that its base is natural.

8. There is no need to massage the testicles of the partner until you are 100% sure that this procedure does not hurt your partner.

9. In order for your partner to receive a fully relaxing massage, you need to experience various massage techniques. It is necessary to squeeze the beginning of the penis of the partner with your right hand and gently massage movements with your hand to the head. Then when the hand slips, repeat the same thing with the other hand only. When you have a feeling that the partner is very close to orgasm, do not accelerate, give a little rest. After completing the massage, let the partner just relax, it will take a maximum of 10 minutes.

10. During the “Yoni” massage, lay your partner exclusively on the back, after having laid soft pillows, you must lay the partner so that her genitals are open for you and massage. For a better glide and sharpness of a woman’s feelings, it is necessary to add lubricant. Then, very gently and accurately, without causing discomfort, massage the genitals of the woman, the main thing is not to rush. Then smoothly proceed to massage the clitoris with gentle finger movements, and gradually squeeze the clitoris between the thumb and forefinger. Then proceed to penetrate the vagina.

When your woman gets an orgasm, let her enjoy this magical state and lie down.

I hope our blog has helped you learn a little more about the hidden secrets, and the tantric massage technique has become a little closer to you, and you will successfully use our useful tips.


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